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Clone Drone Zane build by RecallJackalope updated 1 year ago 0%. Login Clone Load Out 3 : Lob, Rico, (Zane uses Eruption) For those who own DLC Drone clone stani zane. Zane build by Hodin316 updated 11 months ago. 0%. Login to rate this build! Red suit and atom boooom weapons for the clone, zane is

Mr. Freeze Clone/Drone [email protected] Zane build by Regor updated 10 months ago 100%. Login to rate this build! A Clone/Drone build that is focus on Borderlands 3 Zane, Speed kills build! (Digi Clone+Drone+Kill Skills) Der offizielle Talentbuilder für Borderlands 3 ist jetzt verfügbar und obwohl mir I was wondering if there were any drone and clone builds focusing mostly on SNTNL, or is that just not a sensible option? Thanks. Best Drone and Clone builds Updated Clone/Drone Build for Zane? BL3 - Zane. Title basically says it all. I've been a hardcore Zane main since starting BL3 (albeit probably later than most)

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My Clone Drone Zane build broke Borderlands 3 [ Class Build ] . I've been sleeping on the Clone Drone build for months, previously running Clone Barrier So I started looking up zane builds, and I found a clone/drone zane build that fully spec into the hitman tree with the seein red capstone, the goal of the class was We're talking about showing you which are the best Zane builds so you can play as one of the most powerful characters in the Borderlands 3 universe. Next, we

Borderlands 3 | Ultimate Level 60 Clone + Drone Zane Build - Best Zane Build for Mayhem 10 - YouTube In this video i go over the current Best Zane Build in Unsere Borderlands 3 Zane Builds Guide bietet einen Blick auf einige der wichtigsten Optionen für den Charakter und die Klasse. Zane hat viele taktische

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Barrier Drone Zane build for Zane. Builds . Create new build Amara Fl4k Moze Zane All Skill tree planner; Login; Register; Barrier Drone Zane Zane The BEST Clone/Drone Zane build for Mayhem 4 in borderlands 3! Smash the Maliwan Takedown, give your clone your favorite weapons with Double Barrel! Learn level 2. jutsue4281. · 3m. I've been using a Cannon/Drone build with a frozen heart with the action skill trigger that I saw Moxsy use. I mostly run a +100% ase Zane with Rough Rider shield, legendary class mod that gives him bonus damage based on how low his shield is (so he gets the max bonus 100% of the time with Rough

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  1. Hey Borderlands Fans, today we will be taking a look at what seem like the most popular Zane build. I cannot wait to test this build out as it seems like it.
  2. Final Thoughts: This is a very simple base Zane build but makes the most out of ASE Splash with the clone, mntis and nova shields. The build is very open for gun
  3. Cryo Clone & Drone. Zane build by Bear8MyParents updated 1 year ago. 100%. Login to rate this build! Using 'Clone and Drone' with 'Calm, Cool & Collected'
  4. [ Zane Build ] . Close. 5. Posted by 10 I know you've asked about Drone/Barrier but Clone/Drone is also viable survivability wise. Transformer makes
  5. I used drone/clone early on, then switched to barrier/clone and now using barrier/drone. I like the barrier/drone better for the elemental effects. Once I hit
  6. This is our Train Zane lvl 57 build using the new conductor class mod from DLC 2 guns love and tentacles! It is very fun and a high risk high reward strategy..

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This builds attempts to have perma drone and clone. It maximises shield/health regen to increase chances of resetting action skill durations via Calm, Cool Here it is guys. I know I am super late to the party, but I am happy to showcase my first ever Zane Clone Build! If you guys, enjoyed the video, be sure to l..

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THUMBS UP & SUBCRIBE FOR MORE - http://goo.gl/qPP7K TURN NOTIFICATIONS ON BY PRESSING THE BELL BUTTON Join My DISCORD - https://discord.gg/ZAc5gGX Follow m.. The clone is a death machine! If you enjoyed, then be sure to leave a Like and subscribe!Playlisthttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhTB4jmaHPMEtv2aC4M..

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Welcome to my Borderlands 3 One Life Zane build video where i try to go from level 1-72 without dying the whole time while completing this build! This challe.. Borderlands 3 Zane Barrier Drone Build, Melt Mayhem 10. This is a rework of a build I used to run before guardian takedown. This build is for all the The premier double barrel zane clone build! Use double barrel to your advantage while being completely safe while mobbing! And this build will boss like no o.. Drone clone stani zane. Zane build by Hodin316 updated 11 months ago. 0%. Login to rate this build! Red suit and atom boooom weapons for the clone, zane is just a waterboy. Equiped skills. Skill trees ( 58 / 51 ) !! Theoretical !

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  1. Borderlands 3. Borderlands 3 General Discussion. TurboSTD February 8, 2020, 8:43am #1. I use Seein' Dead COM (ofc) and the Drone + the Barrier. It's very strong and steamrolls M4, but the visual from the barrier gets annoying after a while. Is there a similarily strong build without it out there? I usually play Fl4k so I really have little clue about in-depth Zane builds. DSGrant (GT.
  2. -maxing Zane's own dmg. This is a very forgiving build and a great buffer for anyone still learning violent momentum Zane after the commitment nerf
  3. Borderlands 3. Zane the Operative. Dailor (Dailor) September 13, 2020, 9 so all melee builds, pet builds, clone, all suffer its truly a bummer and pets should just get a range increase for those bosses. OR the boss needs an extra hitbox added near the floor where you can melee or pets can target the best advise for now, if you are playing a clone build, is use your drone instead, you.
  4. I recently finished levelling Zane for my second vault hunter, I got a bit bored of the monarch fl4k build so I wanted to try somthing new. So far I can't seem to find any builds (apart for moxsys cool runnings) that come close to touching the fl4k build for damage, the chain zane build seems to be really weak for anything other than weak mobs, I've tried mixing and matching but can't seem to.
  5. Zane - Infinite Ammo Build - Borderlands 3 MentalMars November 2, 2019 No Comments. Related Hubs. Zane - The Operative. Borderlands 3. INZANE OP DPS! INFINITE AMMO Zane Build! Borderlands 3 This Zane Build by Gentlemann you are running a Drone/Clone setup and by utilizing the Clone and Specific gear you can regenerate ammo. Gear. Face-puncher; Deathless ; Skill Tree. Zane - Infinite.
  6. Zane the Operative is the most flexible and versatile of the four Borderlands 3 characters, thanks to his unique ability to equip two Action Skills at once. But all that choice can also make things difficult as you try to decide how best to build him. In this Borderlands 3 Zane build guide, we've laid out 3 top-tier builds that you can use to get the most out of this wise-cracking Operative.
  7. I'm still trying to get a perfect skill build for Zane myself, preferably for mob-killing as I need to beat the Slaughter Circles and Proving Grounds. I used clone and drone for the main story, but I've been shifting to shield and drone and so far, results are mixed. It seems like even with 360 protection, attacks still get through the shield and hurt me

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Using his clone at a distance is easy. Place your clone at a safe place, sprint to where you want your clone to be, trade places with it. That or you can just use the rough rider shield and infiltrator combo with Kill Skills build, it's the best one for overall damage output for Zane as far as any of us can tell Clone/Drone Position yourself and use your clone for damage! Doppelbanger isn't just an explosives skill, it's a very good skill for activating action skill end anointments as well. Give your clones big stupid rocket launchers and let him kill a bunch of stuff. Clone/Barrier This is a very fun build to play with no mayhem on. You want to give.

Borderlands 3. Zane the Operative. kennethharbester (Kenneth Harbester) November 18, 2020, 3:20pm #1. Heya Buddies, since Zane New Skill Tree Recently got added to the game of course I wanted to give it a chance & lord have Zane Mains gotten something amazing added to their kit. Not only did they get an action skill that allows you to point at anything and just deal instant damage you guys. Borderlands 3 Zane Build: Der Rasante. Highlights des Rasanten Sehr schnelle Spielweise, Schadensausteiler-Build, schnelle Kills, hervorragend gegen Gegnermassen, benötigt viel Übung, in hohen Schwierigkeitsgraden werden sehr gute Waffen benötigt. Skillbäume: Auftragskiller, Doppelagent & Undercover. Link zum Build: Der Rasante

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In this Borderlands 3 Zane construct information, we've laid out Three top-tier builds that you should use to get essentially the most out of this wise-cracking Operative: one for Barrier & Digi-Clone, one for Barrier & SNTNL, and one for Digi-Clone & SNTNL. With every construct we'll additionally element our route down the totally different ability bushes and the selections made, together. Borderlands 3. Zane the Operative. Moosicus January 19, 2021, 4:04am #1. I have Moze, Amara, and Fl4k all up to level 65 at mayhem 11, but still have my zane at level 10, since he was seen as fairly weak and I wanted to wait till he got all of his planned buffs, the max level cap, and the game in a fairly final state (at least currently, now that the designer's pack is out). however, I. I ran Shield + Clone for a while, and it was remarkably mundane. Shield + Drone has been performing much better, especially since I found a Stormfront. ~Prepare the laser beam. We're gonna use it tonight. Engage the laser beam. It's gonna end your life. Boards. Borderlands 3 The whole point of this build is to keep Zane in the field through the use of his barrier and digiclone. It's a high survivability build that will work especially well against multiple enemies. Additional Cryo Damage. Cryo is a powerful element in Borderlands 3 as it universally affects all enemies unless otherwise stated to be immune. This.

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I was finally able to complete Slaughter Shaft in Borderlands 3, while playing Zane with the Digi-Clone and SNTNL (Drone) Action Skills. Of course this would not have been possible for me had Gearbox not increased the effectiveness of the Digi-Clone by 50 percent and the SNTNL by 39 percent about a month ago. I have completed Slaughter Shaft before, solo and co-op with Amara, but I found it. Borderlands 3; Zane current meta; User Info: Mega-Gazz. Mega-Gazz 1 year ago #1. I'm starting a Zane and I'm looking for what the current meta is? I was going to build for CCC drone/shield, but not sure where things are at now? I've already finished the game with Moze and Amara, got the plat before the Moxxi dlc, so I've been out of touch since then. User Info: Robertn__07. Robertn__07. Our Zane build is pretty much the fastest Build in Borderlands 3. It's optimized for maximum Movement Speed which at the same time increases your Damage, thanks to the Violent Momentum Passive. It's a very powerful and well-rounded build that utilizes a very fast-paced playstyle and allows the player to use any Weapons they want. It's fully viable in both close and long-range, and it's one of.

Clone/Drone. Position yourself and use your clone for damage! Doppelbanger isn't just an explosives skill, it's a very good skill for activating action skill end anointments as well. Give your clones big stupid rocket launchers and let him kill a bunch of stuff. Clone/Barrier. This is a very fun build to play with no mayhem on. You want to give clone guns like the skeksil or carbuncle. He. - Double Barrel Build Aims to turn Zane's clone into a powerhouse through specific pieces of gear or gear combinations. Tends to excel with weapons that have fast fire rates, burst-fire, or high ammo consumption. ANOINTMENTS. The anointments listed here are generally considered the best you can aim for. Many of these can be slapped onto whatever piece of gear you want to use and find success.

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  1. Borderlands 3 - Zane Meta Build. Home > New Guides > Borderlands 3 - Zane Meta Build. Zane Meta Build. All builds, non dlc, mobbing, bossing SAK Zane (Seein Dead) All Purpose. If you don't plan on ever using clone then you wont need the clone skills. Spend them in praemunitus. But spending enough points in clone tree for doppelbanger, is great! Weapons: Redistributor, Hyperfocus XZ41.
  2. INTRODUCTION. Zane was our first pick when we first began out Borderlands 3 journey. Check how that went in our review.He is essentially an evolution of Zero from Borderlands 2 and as the man himself says - they even went to the same assassin school. He probably sports the most versatile skill set and our Zane build focuses on defense and movement
  3. g projectiles. Zane and his allies, on the other hand, can shoot through the shield. This skill can last for 9 seconds and has 18 seconds.
  4. Borderlands 3 Tips and Tricks. Borderlands 3 Achievements Guide. Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs and References. The Ultimate Zane Leveling Guide. Play any of the 3 trees with any other supporting tree. Learn what makes each tree good. Along with each action skill. Ultimate Guide to Zane Leveling Which Skill Tree Is Your Favorite When starting your.

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  1. This build gives Zane a speed & damage boost when he has both his SNTNL Drone and Clone out. At the start of tvhm. Doubled Agent Skill Tree for Zane in Borderlands 3. October 5, 2019. This section of the guide contains basic information about this character. Dec 27, 2019 · Borderlands 3 makes a return to planet Pandora and introduces players to four new Vault Hunters: FL4K, Amara, Zane, and.
  2. Borderlands 3:Zane Best Build. Zane's skills allow him to be flexible when in combat. He charge into the heat of battle with his drone, drop his barrier to hold his ground, or even deploy his Digi-Clone to draw the enemy's attention. Zane is the only Vault Hunter that can equip two action skills at a time. This allows him to control the tide of battle on the fly. He can mix and match skills.
  3. Skill Calculator. Whenever Zane kills an enemy with a Critical Hit, there is a chance for 1 ammo to be added to his magazine. Whenever one or more of Zane's action skills are active, he gains increased Gun Damage for each active action skill. After killing an enemy, Zane gains increased Movement Speed for a few seconds
  4. Zane must always have the drone. Most of his damage comes from that tree. Whether you choose clone or shield you can't go wrong. Each has a build that gives speed for more damage. The shield gives you defense and the clone gives more offense. I have tried both and don't see much of a difference really. The shield build lets you go ridiculous speeds though. So fast I find myself running off of.
  5. I guess I'm really just messing around with different builds for Zane, seeing what I like most. It all depends on the equipment you find, really. I'm enjoying it...but I'm sure if I was in Mayhem 3, I'd be cursing more than I should with a grenade build. I tried playing with a Speed build, too, but it wasn't a solid play style for me. I might have to try an Under Cover build, eventually
  6. Home / Borderlands 3 / Zane / Double Trouble Build / Double Trouble Build Gear Zane (Operative) Double Trouble Build Gear Last updated on Oct 08, 2020 at 19:30 by Motoko 3 comment

Zane Leveling Build for my Playthrough with Zane. I mostly use it to play in single player and want to enjoy the story without interruption. Build Order. I tried to list and explain things here in order. Hope it makes sense. Level 3 - 12 (H) Violent Momentum - 5p (H) Violent Speed - 5p or (DA) Synchronicity - 5p (to get the Drone and the Clone. Zane the Operative is one of the main characters in Borderlands 3. Zane can be considered both an offensive or defensive troop. He can relieve pressure away from him by sending out a clone. The clone can be targeted by enemies. He can also spawn an SNTNL drone that can rain heavy fire on enemies. This Zane Builds Guide will include all the details on some of the best builds for Zane the. Operative. Born into Pandora's notorious Flynt family, Zane is a semi-retired corporate hitman who always has a gadget up his sleeve. His action skills include a SNTNL drone that flys around and attacks enemies with a machine gun, a deployable Barrier shield, and a Digi-Clone that simultaneously distracts enemies and dishes out damage and which. Zane is one of the characters you play as in Borderlands 3. This section of the guide contains basic information about this character. Each of the Action Skill has an additional feature-the drone can indicate targets, the clone can swap places with Zane, and the barrier can be liften and carried around. In addition, any active Action Skill can be equipped with two different improvements.

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  1. Borderlands 3: Complete Zane Guide - Skill Tree, Action Skills, Perks & Abilities . by Sarthak Khurana updated December 14, 2020. Borderland 3 is all about tuning your character with the help of skills. After the November 2020 game update, there are not just three but four full-fledged skill trees to suit your unique playstyle. These skill trees are further subdivided by tiers, action skills.
  2. Zane the Operative is Borderlands 3's resident tech expert, with an ingenious gadget at the ready for any life-or-death situation. Zane can equip two Action Skills at once, though choosing to do so will replace his ability to toss grenades. To help you decide if Zane is the right Vault Hunter for you, here's a brief overview of his three skill trees: Doubled Agent, Hitman, and Under Cover
  3. Unser Zane-Build macht eucht zum Highspeed-Helden. Der Agent Zane gilt in Borderlands 3 nach wie vor als schwächster Endgame-Charakter, was unter anderem auch an seinen zahlreichen verbuggten.
  4. In this Borderlands 3 Zane Skills Guide, we will show you all of the skill trees that Zane has and detail each skill ability. Zane the Operative is the tech expert that goes around with his ingenious gadget that is ready to be at his side. Zane has three skill trees. These Are Hunter Skills, Under Cover Skills, and the Doubled Agent Skills. Each of these branches of skills contains an Action.
  5. Each character is given 3 unique abilities that can be augmented with different skill trees. Essentially, you can adopt 3 different play styles for each character. Zane - The Operative (One Grenade Ain't Enough) This build is all about increasing your survivability chances and making you a juggernaut on the battlefield

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Drone Delivery - This makes your Drone drop grenades. You want this. It's your only way to throw grenades in this Borderlands 3 Zane build. Salvation - Gives lifesteal for 8 seconds on kill. Very useful, especially at higher difficulties. Cool Hand - This is pretty convenient, but not incredibly necessary Today we are going to be exploring three of the best Zane builds for Borderlands 3. We will be breaking down why each Zane build is good and for what reason you might choose to go each build. So, without further ado, let's go. Other Posts. FL4K Builds; Recent Zane Buffs. Zane got major buffs here. It shouldn't surprise anyone to know that Zane struggled in Mayhem mode. Everything he did. Borderlands 3 > Guides > thiccfila_'s Guides . 123 ratings. A collection of Meta Zane Builds (all builds, non dlc, mobbing, bossing) By thiccfila_ This collection of builds will be updated as new gear and level caps get added. There are builds for everything Zane. Mobbing, Bossing, All Purpose, Seein Dead, Conductor, No DLC, and so on. By ThiccFilA, all of these builds are available in video. Chain Zane is one of the Borderlands 3 builds that just keeps coming back. Moxsy has continued to update this build and now that the level cap has increased, it has become even better than before. Zane Best Builds in Borderlands 3 Fast feet . Looking at Zane's entire kit, this build variety will likely be the most popular with this chest hunter. Usually you make Zane the fastest thing on the map and screw him up as much as possible using the Hitman skill tree. You're going to want to model it with Violent Speed, Violent Momentum, Salvation, Cool Hand, and Violent Violence, as well as a.

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A new Borderlands 3 Zane build with infinite skills (Clone and SNTL) and double damage through Anointments, based on recent buffs Nuestra Borderlands 3 Zane Builds Guide presenta algunas de las mejores opciones para el personaje y la clase. Zane tiene mucha habilidad táctica en el campo de batalla! Puede ser un clon para que sus enemigos le ataquen, lo que le quita el calor, pero también puede engendrar el dron SNTNL que disparará a los enemigos cercanos Borderlands 3. All Discussions Please, no meta build spoilers. Thanks! :D Last edited by burdfishdemon; May 19, 2020 @ 4:29pm < > Showing 1-5 of 5 comments . Princess Fluffy Butt. May 19, 2020 @ 4:34pm Your drone can sometimes throw a grenade at enemies.. as for the clone, i don't know #1. Slip Stream. May 19, 2020 @ 4:46pm Yes, grenade skills will help even though you can't throw them. Zane has been a character that, for most people, has had to jump through hoops to get a damage output similar to the other vault hunters. But thanks to many streamers and dedicated Borderlands 3.

Zane Best Builds in Borderlands 3 Piedi veloci . Guardando l'intero kit di Zane, questa varietà di build sarà probabilmente la più popolare con questo cacciatore di pettorali. Di solito rendi Zane la cosa più veloce sulla mappa e lo rovini il più possibile usando l'albero delle abilità di Hitman. Avrai voglia di modellarlo con Violent Speed, Violent Momentum, Salvation, Cool Hand e. We're back again with another Borderlands 3 build, and this time we'll be taking a look at Zane: The Operative in Borderlands 3 who has the option to use three different action skills. Zane can create a barrier for himself and his allies, throw out a digi-clone, and send out an attack drone. Since the launch of the game, some players have felt Zane is the weakest character, but this build. These are the best solo and co-op builds for Borderlands 3's Zane: the Operative

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Home / Borderlands 3 / Zane / Hitman Build / Hitman Build Skills. Zane (Operative) Hitman Build Guide Skills . Last updated on Dec 07, 2019 at 09:35 by Motoko 2 comments. Welcome to the gear page of our Hitman Zane build, where you will find the skills you need to pick up to play that build, as well as guidance on how to best use them. TABLE OF CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE. 1. Structure of This Guide. Zane the Operative is one of the coolest characters in Borderlands 3 and this guide will give players the best builds for each of his skill trees. Borderlands 3 is the exciting, new chapter in the.

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Each of Zane's skill trees are designed to support the primary role of this technology in Borderlands 3, so for the Digi-Clone (the doubled agent tree), this is basically a middling utility tree. Borderlands 3 Achievements Guide. Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs and References. Turn this farm on when you leave the house for any reason! Just let it run and the game will poop out purple weapons for you to find. This also required the Seein Dead Class mod from the Moxxi's Handsome Jackpot DLC. Jabbermogwai AFK Zane Farm Guide Now keep in mind. Borderlands 3 Zane Character Build Guide: Which Skill Tree Class Should You Choose? - Caffeine Gamin Borderlands 3 Zane skill tree: Doubled Agent branch . Action Skill. Digi-Clone: Spawn a Digi-Clone of Zane. This clone stays in place, but distracts and fires at enemies. Pressing the action skill.