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  1. The J-31 is smaller than the Chengdu J-20. The use of twin-wheel nose landing gear led to speculations that the J-31 may have been intended to be a carrier based fighter. Bill Sweetman has cited several improvements to the F-35C design files the Chinese may have acquired in the J-31
  2. The Shenyang J-31 (F-60) is a fifth-generation, multi-role, twin-engine stealth fighter aircraft being manufactured for the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, an affiliate of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)
  3. Overshadowed by the Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter, the Shenyang FC-31 may be the China's dark horse. The J-20 has already entered service with the Chinese Air Force (PLAAF) and is, broadly, their equivalent of the F-22 Raptor. The FC-31 meanwhile is seen as a cheaper and less capable alternative

V září 2012 se objevily první zřetelné záběry letounu J-31 na továrním letišti společnosti SAC, o měsíc později se prototyp poprvé vznesl do vzduchu. Označení J-31 bylo odvozeno z trupového čísla 31001, které se ovšem vztahuje k vývojovému programu Projekt 310 Название. Самолёт известен как «Кречет» (кит. трад. 海东青). После появления в сети фотографий с бортовым номером «31001» по аналогии с нумерацией прототипов Chengdu J-20 самолёт был назван блогерами «J-31» или «Проект 310» Tym bardziej zaskakujące były zdjęcia ujawnione 31 października 2012 roku, na których widać J-31 lecący w eskorcie samolotu Shenyang J-11BS (lub dwóch tego typu maszyn). Według niepotwierdzonych źródeł samolot o numerze burtowym 31001, odbywał swój dziewiczy lot The FC-31 is China's second stealth fighter jet developed by Shenyang as a private venture. A medium-sized, single-seat, twin-engine, and multi-role fighter jet, it has not made the cut for the PLA service yet. The aircraft has been in the news since 2014 when an earlier version made its first appearance at an Airshow in China Le F-60 est alors donné comme étant la version export, et le J-31 la version destinée au marché chinois du même appareil. L'expert en aviation chinoise Xu Yongling a désigné le J-31 comme étant un avion de chasse de cinquième génération destiné a l'export

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Es wird durch ein russisches AL-31-FN - Turbofantriebwerk von NPO Saturn angetrieben. Das Flugzeug hat ein konventionelles Seitenleitwerk. Der fast rechteckige Lufteinlass befindet sich unter dem Rumpf. Das Flugzeug besteht zu einem hohen Anteil aus Verbundwerkstoffen, der Pilot sitzt in einer tropfenförmigen Kanzel The Shenyang J-31 is a fifth generation stealth fighter of Chinese origin, still undergoing an early development phase. It is developed by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation. According to early speculations, the J-31 may be part of the J-XX program of the People's Liberation Army Air Force. The first flight took place on 31st October 2012 This is Misha's personal channel. Here he talks about...well really, whatever he wants. So expect stories, opinions, and random reviews on things of interest..

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  1. While Chinese officials have compared the J-31 to the F-35, it isn't clear if the Chinese aircraft will have the same stealth abilities of the American fifth-generation fighter. The J-31 has a.
  2. The J-20 emerged from the late-1990s J-XX program. In 2008, the PLAAF endorsed Chengdu Aerospace Corporation's proposal, Project 718; Shenyang's proposed aircraft was larger than the J-20. Chengdu had previously used the double-canard configuration in the J-9, its first design and cancelled in the 1970s, and the J-10.. In 2009, a senior PLAAF official revealed that the first flight was.
  3. Chengdu J-20 (internet): des formes simples Le Chengdu J-20, apparu en 2011 , semble être lui une arme de supériorité aérienne, non destinée à l'exportation, de la classe des 30 tonnes. Son dessin ne semble pas inspiré d'une production existante et laisse penser que l'on a affaire à un engin à long rayon d'action, capable de vol supersonique de longue endurance à haute altitude
  4. El J-31 es una aeronave de menor tamaño y supuestamente de mayor agilidad que el Chengdu J-20, con unas formas que hacen recordar al Lockheed Martin F-35C Lightning II. [6] [7] [8] Una similitud que comparten el J-31 y el F-35C, junto a la mayoría de cazas embarcados, es la doble rueda frontal en el tren de aterrizaje
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The J-31 appears to be a smaller and more agile aircraft than the Chengdu J-20 that resembles a twin engine F-35C. This may be because it might be used as a fifth generation carrier based fighter. Another feature that the J-31 shares with the F-35C (and most other carrier based fighter jets) is the twin forward wheels Chengdu J-10 China Shenyang J-31 China Shenyang J-16 China Shenyang J-15 China Shenyang J-11 China Shenyang J-8 Finback China Dassault Rafale France Dassault Mirage 2000 B/C France Dassault Mirage F1 France Eurofighter Typhoon Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom. The Chengdu J-20 marks the first entry of a multirole stealth fighter into China's armed forces. According to the Department of Defense (DOD), China views stealth technology as a core component in the transformation of its air force from a predominantly territorial air force to one capable of conducting both offensive and defensive operations Shenyang J-31 (F60), biệt danh Cốt ưng (鹘鹰), là một loại máy bay tiêm kích phản lực thế hệ thứ 5 hiện đang được Shenyang Aircraft Corporation phát triển. Giới truyền thông hay sử dụng các tên gọi F-60, J-31 và J-21 để chỉ loại máy bay này Search for jobs related to Chengdu j 31 or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 18m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs

  1. AW: J-20 Na ja, man scheint schon so einiges geglättet zu haben (mei, man kucke sich nur mal die YF-22 und die finale F-22 an :rolleyes: ). Ich frage mich, ob der leichte Schimmer der Farbe wirklich impliziert, dass die Chinamänner die ganze RAM-Geschichte weiter perfektioniert haben
  2. ación externa o de exportación. ad. en China se le conoce como J-31 o J-35 , aunque no es oficial ya que no nació como un requerimiento de la PLA sino que fue un emprendimiento privado pensado inicialmente para exportación (y con las siglas de F-60
  3. El J-31 alias J-35 en su variante naval . Reactions: AleDucat, ARGENTVS and mica. me262. 28 Jul 2021 #3.625 SUE 3-A-202 dijo: El F35 le lleva al menos 15 años de ventaja amigo.... es esperable que le lleve numéricamente más aviones entregados. Click to expand... Estimado, el primer F-35 voló en dic de 2006. El J-20 voló en enero 2011. Ene 2011- Dic 2006= 4 años, 1 mes. Entre 2006 y 2011.

It's not surprising that China claims that its J-20 stealth fighter is superior to the U.S. F-22 and F-35. All nations like to claim their weapons are better.. Chengdu j 31. Shenyang J-31 - Wikipedia Shenyang J-31 Die Shenyang J-31, auch bekannt als FC-31 oder J-31, ist ein zweistrahliges, mittelgroßes in der Entwicklung befindliches Kampfflugzeug der fünften Generation des Unternehmens Shenyang, das vermutlich im Rahmen des J-XX-Programms für die Luftstreitkräfte der Volksrepublik China gebaut werden soll The J-31 is smaller than the Chengdu J-20 Die Chengdu J-20 (chin.: 歼-20; Pinyin: Jiān-Èrlíng) ist ein Kampfflugzeug des Unternehmens Chengdu (CAC), das im Rahmen des J-XX-Programms für die Luftstreitkräfte der Volksrepublik China gebaut wird. Es handelt sich dabei um das erste bekannt gewordene Flugzeug chinesischer Produktion, das über Tarnkappeneigenschaften (engl. Stealth) verfügt.Das Flugzeug absolvierte seinen.

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The J-31 is the second stealth aircraft developed by Chinese industry, after the Chengdu J-20. This news is mildly surprising, as for the past few years the Chinese military has been lukewarm. Still, the FC-31 is only 17 meters long, and while its engines aren't as powerful as the J-20's upgraded WS-15 supercruising turbofan engines, it's got two of them - a distinct advantage for naval aircraft that might find themselves far from their mothership when encountering mechanical problems. The FC-31 would be able to limp home on its one remaining engine, but a J-20 in that. Development continues on the smaller FC-31/J-31 for export or as a future naval fighter for the PLAN's next class of aircraft carriers, according to an annual report on Chinese military.

Re: Chengdu J-10B, J-20 and Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon Post by Deleted User 1872 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:50 pm We have made them before, it's probably just that they don't get that much attention De Shenyang J-31 is een Chinees stealthgevechtsvliegtuig dat wordt ontwikkeld door de Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.Omdat het initiatief uitging van Shenyang zelf en niet het leger, is de officiële naam van het toestel FC-31. Het is waarschijnlijk dat het type dienst zal doen op een Chinees vliegdekschip, en daarnaast vooral voor de export bestemd is onder de naam F-60. Vooral in Zuid.

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Lawmaker: Chinese J-31, J-20 'Mirror' American F-35, F-22. A U.S. senator asked Pentagon officials why the government hasn't retaliated against China for copying the designs of its most advanced fighter jets. Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, said the Chengdu J-20 twin-engine stealth fighter bears similarity to the F-22. Range: 2,200 km: 3,000 km: Max speed: Mach 2.0 (2,200 km/h) Mach 2.83 (3,000 km/h, 1,860 mph) Service ceiling: 17,500 m: 20,600 m: Weight empty: 5.3 t: 21,8 J20 is not for export and also this doesn't fit what Pakistan needs as of now. In fact Pakistan doesn't need stealth fighter until India buys one and develops a doctrine. This beast of a plane is more like a US tanker and AWAC destroyer who are he..

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  1. Side-by-side comparison of the Chengdu (AVIC) J-20 (Black Eagle) against the Shenyang (AVIC) J-31 Gyrfalcon (FC-31 / F-60)
  2. Range: 3,000 km: 2,200 km: Max speed: Mach 2.83 (3,000 km/h, 1,860 mph) Mach 2.0 (2,200 km/h) Service ceiling: 20,600 m: 17,500 m: Weight empty: 21,8 t: 5.3
  3. The Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (J-20) and the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (J-31) are subsidiaries of the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). These two companies have.
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The most direct Chinese analogue to the Raptor is the Chengdu J-20. How would such a jet fair against America's best? Not much is known about the Chinese jet—it might not even be a fighter in. FC-31 or the J-31 is the second fifth-generation fighter jet that is going to be introduced into the Chinese Air Force. Although less advanced than its counterpart, the Chengdu J-20, it is still a very capable fighter jet. The exact specifications remain unclear for anyone that is outside the Chinese Military. Foreign experts, primarily US ones, indicate that the FC-31 is on par with other. Technical Report APA-TR-2007-0107; Title: Chengdu J-10; Abstract: Technical summary of Chengdu J-10 Sinocanard fighter. Development of the J-10 commenced in 1988, with the first prototype flying in 1996, and production planned to commence in 2005. The J-10 occupies the same niche as the F-16C/D/E/F and the Rafale, being smaller than the F/A-18E/F and Eurofighter

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The Shenyang J-31,(or FC-31 fifth Generation Multi-Purpose Medium Fighter) also known as the Gyrfalcon (鹘鹰), or Falcon Hawk by some military enthusiasts, is a twin-engine, mid-size fifth-generation jet fighter currently under development by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation. The fighter has also been referred to as the F-60 or J-21 Snowy Owl (雪鸮) in some media reports. The Chengdu J-20 is a fifth-generation stealth fighter that flew for the first time in early 2011. Reminiscent of the U.S.-made F-22, the Chinese fighter is expected to be operational as early as. Chengdu J-20 and U.S. F-22 Raptor. Alert5 and USAF Wikimedia Commons. The J-20, China's first fifth generation fighter, was purpose built not only to serve as a competitor for America's F-22.

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Chengdu J-20 has some advantages because of its missiles PL-15 and PL-21 can hit the objects up to 300 km and 400 km respectively. On the other hand, the Meteor missile on Rafale can hit only upto. The Chengdu J-10 was integrated initially with the Radar NRIET KLJ-7 with a range of 75-130km max. vs the AN/APG-66 Radar 55-105km max. of most of the F-16 (Wins J-10). The J-10 radar has the same range as the APG-68 (V) September 80-105km of F-16 block52 and RDY-2 the Mirage-2000-5/-9 The last F-16E / F Block 60 equipped with the advanced AN/APG-80 AESA radar, the radar can exceed.

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  1. AL-31 turbojet engine powers the J-10 aircraft. The J-10 (Jian 10 or Fighter 10) is China's indigenously built multirole fighter aircraft developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry. Chengdu Aircraft Industry is part of the China Aviation Industry Corporation I (AVIC I). In the West the J-10 aircraft is known as the Vigorous Dragon
  2. J-14 Cancelled (Chengdu) J-15 Flying Shark J-16 Red Eagle J-17 J-11-mod? J-18 VSTOL ? J-19 J-11-mod? J-20 Black Eagle J-21 Snowy Owl J-28 FAKE J-31 J-XX / XXJ J-YY next gen DF-101 J-5 DF-102 J-6.
  3. Fifth-generation jet fighter - Stealth aircraft - People's Liberation Army Air Force - China - Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute - Chengdu - PL-15 - Active electronically scanned array - J-XX - Air superiority fighter - Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group - Xian WS-15 - People's Liberation Army - PL-21 - Joint Strike Fighter program - Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye - Shenyang FC-31 - Diverterless.
  4. AFP via Getty Images. The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported on Monday that a new model of China's Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter, the J-20B, is entering mass production with.

Tiêm kích J-20 (tiếng Trung 殲-20) hay Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon là máy bay tiêm kích tàng hình hai động cơ thế hệ thứ 5 do Tập đoàn công nghiệp hàng không Thành Đô sản xuất nhằm phục vụ cho Không quân Quân Giải phóng Nhân dân Trung Hoa. Cuối năm 2010, J-20 đã thực hiện chuyến bay thử nghiệm tốc độ lớn Die Chengdu J-7 (in der Exportausführung F-7) ist ein chinesisches Jagdflugzeug.Am Anfang ihrer Entwicklung lehnte sie sich eng an die sowjetische MiG-21 an. Durch vielfältige Modernisierungsmaßnahmen haben einige neuere Versionen jedoch nicht mehr viel mit dieser gemeinsam. Die J-7 wird, obwohl sie mit modernen Flugzeugen ihrer Klasse nicht Schritt halten kann, aufgrund ihres niedrigen. Shenyang J-31 (F60), dikabarkan akan dijuluki Gyrfalcon (鹘鹰), atau Falcon Eagle, adalah pesawat tempur bermesin ganda, mid-size generasi kelima saat ini sedang pengembangan oleh Shenyang Aircraft Corporation.Pesawat tempur disebut sebagai F-60, J-31 dan J-21 (Snowy Owl) dalam laporan media.. J-31 merupakan prototipe pesawat tempur siluman baru yang dikembangkan oleh AVIC Shenyang. Erste Serien J-10 Hab doch noch ein schönes Foto der letzten Wochen gefunden stammt auch vom Werksgelände (leider mit bzw. ohne Seriennummer

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Chengdu J-9 (chinesisch Die Planung der J-9 geht auf ein am 25. Oktober 1964 in Shenyang abgehaltenes Treffen zurück, auf dem die Entwicklung einer neuen Generation chinesischer Abfangjäger als Nachfolger der J-7 beschlossen wurde. Die Entwicklungsabteilung der Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC), das Institut 601, erarbeitete als Reaktion zwei als J-8 und J-9 bezeichnete. J-31 fighter in the sky of Chengdu. Recently, some netizens found China's Shenyang J-31 stealth fighter appeared in Chengdu Aircraft Factory. It was never certified officially, but photos seem to be true, and Chinese military experts think China's J-31 stealth fighter flew to Chengdu to solve two disadvantages Little is definitively known about the FC-31, which is also sometimes referred to as the J-31 or J-35, but it does have an interesting history. Unlike the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, which. Chengdu J-31 Gyrfalcon Stealth Fighter, PLAAF, China. Air Force 1.. Condition:: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item (including handmade items). See the seller's listing for full details. See all condition definitions : Brand: : Air Force 1 , MPN: : AF1-0138: Material: : Diecast , Series: : Smithsonian Series: Scale: : 1:144 , Type: : Airplanes-Military. Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, said the Chengdu J-20 twin-engine stealth fighter bears similarity to the F-22 Raptor made by Lockheed Martin Corp., while the Shenyang J-31 twin.

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The J-35's first public appearance was as the J-31 at the 2014 Air Show China expo. This model was fitted with two underpowered Russian-made engines originally developed for the Mikoyan MiG-29. Shenyang J-31 [1] [2] (também conhecido como Gyrfalcon (鹘鹰) ou Falcon Hawk por alguns entusiastas militares), [3] [4] é um caça de quinta geração bimotor, de tamanho médio e atualmente em desenvolvimento pela Shenyang Aircraft Corporation. da China. O caça também foi referido como o F-60 ou J-21 Snowy Owl (雪鸮) em alguns relatórios. [1] [5] Ver também. Chengdu J-20. Ein Heli-Flug der besonderen Art und der chinesische Kampfjet Chengdu J-10 3D: Videos. Videos von Videocassetten der vergangenen Jahre. Die VHS-Bildqualität war ja in den 90ern nicht so toll. Besonders nach dem Kopieren und Schneiden blieb nicht viel von der ohnehin bescheidenen Videoqualität übrig. Aber ich finde, die Videos haben immer noch Erinnerungswert. Kamera und Schnitt: Harry. Les premières images des démonstrateurs d'avions furtifs chinois, aussi bien le J-20 de Chengdu Aircraft Corporation que le J-31 de Shenyang Aircraft (photo), tout comme d'ailleurs aussi l'avion de transport Y-20 de Xian Aircraft, ont été particulièrement révélatrices au regard des observateurs avertis : ces programmes sont largement pénalisés par leurs motorisations. Pour de.

Le Shenyang J-15 (en chinois : 歼 Le premier prototype du J-15 a fait son premier vol le 31 août 2009, mû par des moteurs AL-31 achetés en Russie [8]. Une vidéo et des images du vol sont apparues en juillet 2010, montrant un fuselage de conception similaire au Su-33 [17]. En juillet 2011, il a été annoncé que le réacteur à double flux chinois FWS-10H a été choisi pour le. Therefore the names J-31 or J-21 are incorrect. However, for the last few years it has been accepted that the PLA Navy has selected an FC-31-derived airframe to be developed into its.

Chengdu J-7IIH Многоцелевой ударный истребитель Chengdu J-7IIM Многоцелевой Shenyang J-31 Многоцелевой истребитель Xian JH-7 Многоцелевой ударный истребитель Xian JH-7A FLYING LEOPARD II Многоцелевой ударный истребитель Chengdu FC-1 SUPER-7 Многоцелевой. Die Chengdu J-20 ( Chinesisch: 歼-20; Pinyin: Jiān-Èrlíng), auch bekannt als Mighty Dragon ( Chinesisch: 威龙; Pinyin: Wēilóng), ist ein einsitziger, zweistrahliger, Allwetter-, Stealth-, fünfter -Generation Kampfflugzeuge entwickelt von China ‚s Chengdu Aerospace Corporation für die Befreiungsarmee Air Force Volks (PLAAF).Die J-20 ist als Luftüberlegenheitsjäger mit. Chengdu leży w strefie klimatu subtropikalnego, monsunowego. Występują tutaj duże wahania opadów w cyklu rocznym, zaś średnia wilgotność względna wynosi około 80%. Pora deszczowa występuje od czerwca do września. Zimy są łagodne, zaś lata niezbyt gorące z dużą wilgotnością powietrza . Średnia temperatura i opady dla Chengdu (okres 30 letni) Miesiąc Sty Lut Mar Kwi Maj.

Chengdu J-10 - Chengdu J-10. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. J-10 Kräftiger Drache F-10 Vorhut Eine J-10B mit PL-8 und PL-12 Luft-Luft-Raketen: Rolle Mehrzweckkämpfer: nationale Herkunft: China Hersteller Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group: Designgruppe Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute : Erster Flug 23. März 1998 Einführung 2005 Status Im Dienst Hauptbenutzer Luftwaffe der. Die Chengdu J - 20 ist ein Kampfflugzeug des Unternehmens Chengdu CAC das im Rahmen des J - XX - Programms für die Luftstreitkräfte der Volksrepublik China; Die Chengdu J - 10 Jian - 10 ist ein einstrahliges, allwetterfähiges Mehrzweckkampfflugzeug der chinesischen Luftstreitkräfte, das von der Chengdu Aircraft ; Zerstörer der schwedischen Marine den Johnson - Körper J20, die. Chengdu J-20 имеет большое количество похожих и полностью скопированных элементов от российского, так и не завершившего испытания, МиГ 1.44 и американских истребителей пятого поколения F-22 и F-35, таких как треугольное крыло. What is reported to be a Chinese stealth fighter, is seen in Chengdu, Sichuan province, January 5, 2011. R. The J-20 was initially equipped with fourth-generation WS-10G engines, which were. China often showcases its flagship, all-weather, fifth-generation stealth aircraft; Chengdu J-20. Inducted in the PLA in March 2017, J-20 is the world's third fifth-generation operational aircraft after F-22 and F-35. India, on the other hand, has always trusted its Sukhoi-30 MKi fighter aircraft. Heavy, all-weather, and capable of engaging.

El caza furtivo de quinta generación J-31 puede vencer en el combate aéreo a todos los cazas estadounidenses de cuarta generación, incluyendo los AV-8, los F-15 y los F/A-18, y es un serio. Chengdu J-7. 14 likes. Website. See more of Chengdu J-7 on Facebook. Log I Az ötödik generációs vadászrepülőgépek az ezredforduló után, az Amerikai Légierőben rendszerbe állított repülőgépek, jelenleg kettő típusa, az F-22 Raptor és az F-35 Lightning II állnak rendszerben. PAK FA pedig fejlesztés alatt áll. A kínai Chengdu J-20, 2017 szeptemberében lépett állományba a Kínai Hadsereg Légierőjénél Chengdu J-10 vs Sukhoi SU-35. Comments of readers (Feel free to Leave a Reply on bottom) 1. J-10 is lightweight aircraft with canard design so this mean it has high maneuverability, something similar like Rafale or Eurofighter. Also J-10 adventage is small Radar Cross Section. It has no chance against stealth planes like Raptor or F-35, but it has good chance against other airplanes from.

中国空軍J-10の増強に要注意WW3 News: America’s F-22 Raptor and F-35 Remain Superior oChengdu J-7IIA (J-7D) - China - Air Force | Aviation Photo

Qi Wu 1 , Scarlet J Park 2 , Mingyao Yang 3 , William W Ja 4 Affiliations 1 Department of Neuroscience, The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA; Center on Aging, The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL 33458, USA; Institute of Animal Genetics and Breeding, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu, China In 1974, Chengdu Aircraft relaunched development of the project, continuing work on an improved design. This new version, designated J-7II, first took to the skies in late 1978 and featured several improvements, such as a Chinese-built ejection seat, a reworked canopy and a more powerful engine with increased service time and improved consumption, among other changes The 31st summer Universiade will be held in Chengdu in 2021. The Universiade, hosted by FISU, is the second only to the Olympic Games in size to the world-class comprehensive games. The Universiade consists of the summer Universiade, the winter Universiade and the Universiade championships,Chengdu 2021 31st Summer Universiad The Chengdu J-20 (Jian-20, simplified Chinese: -二十; traditional Chinese: -二十; pinyin: Jiān r shí) is a fifth-generation, stealth, twin-engine prototype fighter aircraft developed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group. for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). The J-20 made its first flight on January 11, 2011. General He Weirong, Deputy Commander of the People's. Chengdu J-20: | | | J-20 | | | | ||| | World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive.